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Bermuda Grass Seed Lawn

Bermuda grass is one of the most popular of the warm season grasses. Bermuda grass can be easily planted from grass seed, sod or grass plugs. Bermudagrass is planted for beautiful, durable grass lawns, nutritious and traffic tolerant pastures, sports turf, golf courses, athletic fields, and more. This perennial grass grows in tropical, sub-tropical and the transition zones.

Bermuda grass is one of the few warm season grass varieties that will grow a little further north into the colder climates -- see the adaptation map below. More cold tolerant and high quality Bermuda Grass Seed varieties are being developed constantly -- such as the popular Riviera Bermuda grass seed.

In the warmer tropical south, during average rainfall years, Bermuda will retain a beautiful green color all year round. This grass can be grown on low to high maintenance schedules depending upon the usage. Lawns planted in Bermudagrass can attain full lawn coverage in just one year. It is not uncommon for seeded or plugged Bermuda grass lawns to be established within 60-90 days. Note that when temperatures drop, to the point of frost, bermuda grass will go dormant and turn brown until temperatures rise again in the Spring and growth resumes.

Bermudagrass has long been considered the "South's Grass", a lawn grass favorite due to it's texture and color. With the development of improved and cold tolerant Bermuda Grass Seed, we have seen the adaptation areas of Bermuda grass move further North into the USA Transition Zone.

Newer, more "cold tolerant" Bermuda Grass Seed varieties extend the Bermuda grass planting area further North allowing the choice of a more drought resistant species in the transition zone. Examples of these improved, cold tolerant Bermuda Grass varieties are Yukon, Mohawk and Rivera. Read more about improved Bermuda Grass Seed below.

Bermuda Adaptation*

Improved varieties with better cold tolerance than basic common bermuda types should be used in areas including Oklahoma, N. Texas, N Arkansas, Tennessee, NC and Virginia.

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*MAP NOTE: Bermuda seeded varieties planted in the more Northern areas marked in red on above map should be selected from "cold tolerant" varieties such as Yukon, Riviera or Mohawk to avoid increased risk of winter kill.

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Improved Bermuda Grass Seed Information & Pictures

Bermuda Grass

Developments in the grassing industry have produced many improved Bermuda Grass Seed varieties that are very popular in sports fields, golf courses as well as commercial and home lawns. The newer Bermuda Grass Seed varieties are now being used extensively for fairways and tee boxes removing the need to plant the more expensive vegetative Bermuda Grass varieties. These new seed varieties are, in many cases, better than the vegetative Bermuda Grasses. Click on the Bermuda Grass picture at right here to compare pictures of seeded and other improved Bermuda grasses. Note: For those that have planted Bermuda Grass seed and need a reference for seedlings please see this Picture of Bermuda Grass Seedling at 21 days old.

These improved Bermuda seed grasses make an excellent lawn grass and can be mixed by variety to improve the lawn characteristics much like the cool season grasses are are mixed. Higher quality types such as Princess 77 or Riviera allows for a more flexible mowing height from very short to two inches high. Newer varieties such as Riviera extend the area of adaptation further north and provide better texture than the more common strains.

Another excellent and very popular professional turf type BLEND of 3 improved Bermuda grass seed varieties sold for home lawn and golf course applications is the popular Bermuda Triangle. This variety is classified as mid range "Fairway Quality" varieties. It makes a great option for use as a general purpose home lawn.

Princess 77 Bermuda Grass Seed - Hybrid Quality at Seed Prices

Certified Princess 77 Bermudagrass is the world's first dense, fine textured synthetic hybrid  bermudagrass variety to be available in seeded form. Known as experimental variety, SWI-77, Princess is a very dense, dark green, fine textured synthetic hybrid bermudagrass that can be established from seed. A synthetic hybrid is the product of two self-sterile clones that are established vegetatively in certified production fields. The resulting progeny seed is the variety, Princess 77. Seedland does sell Bermuda grass lawn plugs if you wish to purchase a vegetative bermuda grass.

PRINCESS 77 Bermuda Grass Seed - The grass of choice for 2004/05 Superbowls.
Princess 77 Bermuda Grass Used in the Houston Superbowl XXXVIII (2004).
Princess 77 was also used for Jacksonville's 2005 Superbowl game.

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Bermuda Grass Characteristics And Facts

Bermuda grass was brought to America in the 1500's from Africa via the Spaniards. Since that time it has been developed from the basic Common Bermuda forage grass into one of the major grass species used on the most exclusive golf greens, commercial and home lawns worldwide.

  • Bermuda grass grows best in full sun.
  • Bermuda grass has a medium to fine texture.
  • Bermuda grass is drought resistant and highly versatile
  • Bermuda Grass is salt tolerant.
  • Bermuda grass is easy to establish from seed or grass plugs.
  • New Improved Bermuda Grass varieties have extended the growth area well into the Transition Zone
  • Bermuda Grass is a perennial sod 'former' that has a dark green color
  • A fast repairing grass that grows low spreading by rhizomes and stolons.
  • Can be mown closely -- 1/2 to 3/4 inch mowing heights for some varieties
  • Forms a dense turf, goes into dormancy when temperatures drop below 60° and greens up fast when temperatures rise.
  • Once only grown from sod or sprigged, bermuda grass is now readily available as grass seed in both common bermuda grass and improved varieties

Bermuda grass seed germinates quickly, covers quickly and grows in a variety of soils. With a fair degree of salt spray tolerance, Bermuda grass is used in coastal regions all along the south and up to the lower sections of the cool season area. One of the best qualities of this grass is the degree of growth that can be achieved through good management practices. This is highly desirable on golf courses and athletic fields where heavy traffic damages occur daily.

Known as one of the most persistent and aggressive grasses grown it is very hard to kill Bermuda grass after establishment. The down side to Bermuda grass can be the aggressive quality that also makes it so popular. Flower beds or other adjacent areas can be over-run if not kept in check by constant edging or applications of organic herbicides - vinegar works! This is one of the grasses that can "return from the dead" if not completely killed the first time due to its extensive root system. Just digging it up without getting rid of the roots will not solve the problem. Repeated tilling and the removal of roots is usually required to kill Bermuda grass.

Blade texture can range from slightly coarse to very fine depending upon the variety. This grass prefers well draining soils whether acidic or alkaline and tolerates soils from sandy to clay. It is adapted along coastal areas into the interior of the country. The wear ability factor is high and depending upon the cultivars Bermudagrass can repair moderately well.

On golf courses Bermuda grass is the number one choice for tee and putting areas. Although the newer Zoysia seeded grasses are also becoming very popular. The sodded varieties are still the finest in texture and density. To grow these hybrids at lower heights requires an extraordinary maintenance schedule. Expertise is required to control disease and insects. Managers must also be knowledgeable concerning frequent fertilization schedules, over-seeding management techniques, utilization of intense mowing schedules for shorter mowing heights than most lawns, plus accurate irrigation and drying procedures. Newer seeded varieties such as Princess 77 are approaching the hybrid quality and texture found in the vegetative varieties.

Premium Quality Bermuda Grass Seed

The newer finer "Premium Quality"  Bermuda Grass varieties are Princess 77 and Riviera. These premium bermuda grass seeds may be planted for commercial lawns, home lawns, sports fields and more. Both are also popular for home putting greens as well as for usage on golf courses.

Princess 77 Bermuda GrassPrincess 77 Bermuda grass is unique in that it is actually a synthetic hybrid (sod quality) grass that is grown from seed! Princess 77 produces a dense, green turf that is comparable to the traditional vegetative or Bermuda grass sod varieties, but the establishment costs are much less than installing sod! It makes an excellent dense turf that can be mowed low for a golf course 'green' type look or kept maintained at higher heights for a denser fairway look as seen in this picture here at the right.

Princess 77 is economically available in 5 lb sizes especially for growing small lawn areas such as putting greens. It is used for both professional sports fields (2005 SUPER Bowl!) and for high end commercial / home lawns or anywhere a premium Bermuda Grass is desired.

Yukon Bermuda Grass SeedRiviera Bermuda Grass is a high quality turf variety very similar to Princess 77 but with higher cold tolerance (winter survival). Riviera Bermuda Grass seed is planted for home putting greens and high input lawns where the ability to mow closely and grass leaf density is important. Yukon is a popular variety due to it's dark green color (very similar to Tifway 419 in color) along with excellent cold tolerance AND slower growth for less mowing. Here again we have a 'sod' quality Bermuda Grass grown from seed!

These varieties are not for use on high-speed modern Golf Greens but are excellent choices for seeded tees and fairways, home putting greens or for improving existing common Bermuda grass areas or problem fairways on golf courses. Yukon and Princess 77 are also used as premium lawn grass for home or commercial lawns, parks etc.

Medium Quality Bermuda Grass

The three-way Bermuda grass seed blend, "Bermuda Triangle Blend" and the two way Bermuda Grass Seed blend "La Prima" are used extensively on golf course fairways, athletic fields, home and commercial lawns -- anywhere a good quality Bermuda grass that requires 'medium' inputs is desired or needed. 

Bermuda Triangle Seed Blend & La Prima Blend are two of the better Bermuda Grass seed blend choices for medium input home lawns, fairways and sports fields. Seedland sells more Bermuda Triangle & LaPrima than any other improved variety because of their proven versatility and good value in cost.

Triangle Blend is a popular choice for all types of lawns. Known for it's fast germination and rapid establishment

Blackjack Bermuda Grass Seed is also an improved medium quality variety used throughout the Southern states and with it's cold tolerance, a bit further north. This Turf-Type Bermuda Grass is generally planted for lawns or athletic fields. Characteristics of Blackjack Bermuda grass are -- a deep green color, carpet like density, extra cold tolerance, super fine texture, superior seedling vigor, and good shade, drought, and traffic tolerance.

Triangle Blend & La Prima Blend

These are our most popular selling turf quality lawn blends ---
Read about Triangle Bermuda Grass!
Read about LaPrima Bermuda

Buy & Price

The Pennington Premium Seed Blend of turf Bermuda's is an excellent choice for home lawns and is available in smaller package sizes for planting smaller areas, than are some of the other varieties. More of the new turf-type seeded varieties used for lawns are listed in the menu here on the right.

Basic Quality Bermuda Grass

Bermudagrass is fairly disease and insect resistant depending upon the variety - some are better than others. Two basic bermuda grass seed varieties are Common Bermuda Grass and Sahara Bermuda Grass - which is an improved Common Bermuda Grass variety.

Common Bermuda grass seed is the original field selected variety from which the improved bermuda grass seeded varieties originated. It makes a coarse general purpose lawn and is still planted for lawn use throughout warm season areas. Common Bermuda Grass is also the least expensive grass variety you can plant from seed.

The improved common varieties such as Sahara II Bermuda Grass are good choices for use in lawns (pastures too!) and are easily seeded and cheaper than expensive sod or sprigging types. Sahara Bermuda Grass is probably the most popular variety sold due to it's improvement over common and it's economical price. Sahara II (newer release) Bermuda is now available in 50 lb. bags.

Bermuda Grass Hybrids

NOTE: Typical Hybrid Bermuda Grass varieties do NOT produce seeds - To plant or replace these varieties you must obtain and use either grass lawn plugs, sprigs or sod. See our informational page for more information on quality bermuda grass lawn plugs.

The closest to hybrid varieties available in a seed form are Riviera, Princess 77 and Yukon. You can compare the seeded varieties to the hybrid "vegetative" planted varieties at - Also Read More about hybrid bermuda grass.


Hybrid varieties such as Tifgreen, Tifton 419, and Tifway and many more varieties are sodded or sprigged on golf courses and for commercial sports and lawns. These sod hybrids are much more expensive to establish and generally require more fertilization and water than seeded bermuda grass.

Seeded Bermuda Grass Sports Fields

For a Bermuda grass seed Sports field application, we recommend that you consider using the PRINCESS 77 or RIVIERA  or YUKON Bermuda variety if you wish for a look close to the hybrids such as Tifway 419. If you are needing a more general purpose turf / or perhaps a more economical cost of establishment is required... the Bermuda Triangle Blend or the La Prima Bermuda Grass Seed Blend are Blends of turf type Bermuda Grass that work well for sports fields.

Bermuda Grass In Pastures

Pastures of hybrid, common and improved Bermuda grasses are grown for forage and hay production throughout the South. Common Bermuda grass is drought resistant, full sun, fast growing, fast germinating, easy to establish and provides a low maintenance pasturage. Common Bermuda was used extensively for years and is still one of the most used pasture grasses grown. These are just a few reasons for using Bermuda as a forage. Deep roots make the grass very drought resistant with the plus that it can be flooded for short lengths of time and fully recover.

Newer improved vegetative forage Bermudas (hybrid sprigged varieties) are usually planted primarily for hay production. There are also new improved seeded varieties (Such as Cheyenne II , Pasto Rico and other pasture types that can provide excellent cost effective plantings for use for general forage / pasture and/or hay production at a more economical cost than sprigging. Pasto Rico is a mixture of common and giant bermuda. Cheyenne II Bermuda is one of the newest seeded forage varieties that is attracting a lot of attention from ranchers for its excellent pasture grass performance.  Tierra Verde is an excellent cost- economical pasture blend.


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